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•   Carol George (Ivey)  9/23
•   Beverly Brown (Penn)  9/24
•   Tommie Fulling (Chandarlis)  9/24
•   Gloria Thompson (Neider)  9/26
•   Kay Wise (MacPherson)  9/26
•   Brooks Harkey  9/29
•   Beverly Rodges (Hale)  10/6
•   Karen Alfaro (Worthington)  10/7
•   John Jones  10/8
•   Connie Boase (Bradam)  10/9
•   Jackie Cooper (McAndrews)  10/10
•   Rebecca Roman (Sayre)  10/10
•   Pam Murphey (Powers)  10/11
•   Greg Cuiksa  10/14
•   Ed Kinkeade  10/22


List of Announcements

Vicki Atkisson Holshouser  
Retiring?  Moving?  

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Tommy Atkisson's Sister Vicki

Classmate Tommy Atkisson's sister Vicki Atkisson Holshouser, class of '70, passed away.  Here's what Brooks Harkey learned from Vicki's niece: "She passed January 18th. It was a stroke. She was so sweet and we loved her so much! Tommy seems to be doing well."

Vicki was in Band with us, and she was a wonderful person. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Vicki's family and friends.

Retiring? Moving?

Hey classmates!

Many of us have used our work email addresses as the primary method for your classmates to contact you when sharing Class of '69 activities.  With many of us retiring and/or moving, we would like to suggest that you update your contact information if it isn't current.  

We'd hate to lose contact with you!

 Flower Power, Sex, and Wine 

We're the Class of '69  

Please use the "Contact Us" button to send your comments or suggestions about the site to us. Tigers, Class of 1969, Class of '69, Irving High School, Irving, Texas