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Tommy White

Tommy White

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05/21/09 08:45 AM #1    

Michael Ray Dorety

Tommy was a good man to have around to keep you in stitches. Had him in a couple of classes and made me laugh many times. Tommy you are sorely missed.

05/28/09 09:25 AM #2    

Stacey Martin

I remember Tommy from grade school at John Haley. We had a science project to do in the fourth grade and we were told that parents should NOT help. Most of us fumbled through the weeks trying to come up with something to get by. One morning, Tommy and his dad arrived with a HUGE rocket ship that they assembled in the corner of the classroom. It wasn't your ordinary tin foil job, but was about 5 feet tall, painted with red and blue stripes. It did everything short of blasting off. I think we all knew then that Tommy was destined for greatness. Gone too soon.

05/29/09 11:40 PM #3    

Doug Van Ostrand

Tommy and I had many grade school classes together, second through sixth grades, and we were friends through JH and HS. He would have "sleep overs" at his house in grade school. We would go to the Irving theatre and his Mom would give us each a dime to spend in the theatre. His big brother Billy would regularly beat the shit out of him as big brothers were prone to do. I always thought it was funny until my older brother did the same to me. That's how brothers show their love to each other. I went to his funeral in '94.

03/14/10 03:49 AM #4    

Rex Starnes

Tommy was Berkey to me. He was my best friend. He was always completely there when I needed him. He was one funny dude. We went to California to get the reward for Patty Hearst. Well we didn't find her. But we had to give blood to buy more gas one day. We went in to give blood and they pricked my ear and I fainted. Call me a whimp or it might have been not eating for 3 days. But Tommy had ab negative. His was worth twice as much as my O+. I heard him yelling for "sugar baby!" I found him laying on the bed. He said," I think they double bagged me, sugar baby, I am so weak." He raised cane but they didn't give us any more money. He slept in the back of my 64 Buick wagon hippy mobile, while I went and got gas and some Sambo's pancakes. He woke up when I slammed the door getting back in the car. He looked up and saw Sambo's sign and said, " alright Sambo's, I am so hungry." I said I was sorry I used the money for gas and my meal. He looked at me intensely and said, "Sugar Baby be glad I love ya, but I can't believe you ate my blood money." From then on, whenever we met someone or he wanted something he had to mention it, that I ate his blood money. I miss you, very, very much.

05/22/10 12:30 PM #5    

Cindi (Cynthia) Dixon

That was a great story, Rex. Sounds like you two had quite the adventure. Probably a lot funnier in the telling... Betcha Tommy would still enjoy hearing you tell it.

Thanks for sharing!

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