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Mike Dobbins

Mike Dobbins

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04/03/09 09:20 PM #1    

Brenda Seastrunk ((Wain) Barrington)

Although time did not have the opportunity to prove this statement true - Mike was probably the most gifted member of our class...and I think everyone who knew Mike believed that - although Mike probably would disagree. He was witty, kind, brilliant - and he had a talent for making us laugh under any circumstances. (And just in case you never had a chance to read his stories - he wrote fiction that would make Tolkein proud.) I hope that the Dalai Lama is right and we get recycled - because the future is certainly going to need a lot of good men - like Mike!!

04/28/09 09:49 AM #2    

Cathy Baker (Kreml)

Mike and I were in drama together at IHS and later at the University of Dallas. I agree with Brenda's comments. He was a wonderful and talented man.
It was unusual for a Freshman to be cast in the excellent productions at UD. Mike was cast in leading roles in two of the three offerings his first year in the program. In "Firebugs" by Max Frisch he managed to keep his cool in spite of the fact he had to eat a raw egg (it was supposed to be cooked!) on stage.

07/31/14 11:38 PM #3    

Jimmy Dean

Mike was always fun to be around. He was very smart and very very talented in everything he did. Always trying to cheer everyone on.  He was my friend. We were all a "BAND OF BROTHERS'. We all shared happines and sadness with each other. So many things have changed in our way of thinking since 1969. Their were so many things that we could not talk about then. So many things we could not  even mention. Today I was looking at all of our lost friends pictures. I came to Mikes picture. Over the years I would ask some of our class mates, what happened to Mike. Nobody could tell me.  A few months ago a man came into my store. When he told me his last name was Dobbins, I just had to ask him if he was related to Mike. He said he was Mikes uncle.    He told me that Mlke was gay and that he had tourtured  himself all his life. In those days there was no closet to come out of. The fear he must have felt, the shame if anyone knew. He took his own life. From what I could understand, his father took his life a few months earlier.  If only we could tell him that now days, seems like everyone is gay. -- and who cares.   We miss you Mike. May GOD BLESS YOU.




P S;  Tell my son I love him.   


08/11/14 06:35 PM #4    

Brooks Harkey


THANKS for getting the whole story.  I always wondered what had happened to Mike.  Like others have said, he was an awesome person and everything you said is spot on.  I wish he had stuck around.  He would have been well accepted by everyone!

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