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•   Susan Gilbreath (Symonds)  12/16
•   Lance Bachran  12/20
•   Rosemary Zolliecoffer (Long)  12/26
•   V. Carol Barnidge (Garcia)  12/30
•   David Gillen  12/31
•   Jimmy Robertson  12/31
•   Steve Graves  1/1
•   Jim VanAernam  1/1
•   Salty Galvis  1/2
•   Scott Zandt  1/3
•   Dianne Brame (Hall)  1/5
•   Jeanne Gross  1/6
•   Judy Armstrong (Black)  1/8
•   Sheila Miller (Tellez)  1/9
•   Don Morgan  1/10
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Class Ring Found  
Birthday Display Bug  
Retiring?  Moving?  

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Class Ring Found

I received the following email from Judith who found an IHS Class of 69 ring:

Hello I wanted to see who I could get in contact about a lost class ring I found. I've had it for about 10 years. I was going through my saved memories and found it again! I really want to get it back to the person that lost it. I found it in Harlingen Texas at a movie theater I worked at. I hope the person who lost it is still in contact with you all.  The initials JDP are engraved on the inside.

If you lost a class ring in Harlingen, Texas, contact Judith at email address below.  Also, please let our website know too.

Birthday Display Bug

The developer of our underlying website software identified a bug preventing a few birthdays from being displayed on our home page.  If you would like classmates to view your birthday (Birthday checkbox on your Profile page) and your birthday is not displayed a few days in advance of and through your birthday, please let me know.

Thanks to classmate Wayne Hartman for bringing this to our attention when his June 30th birthday was not displayed.  Happy Belated Birthday Wayne!

Retiring? Moving?

Hey classmates!

Many of us have used our work email addresses as the primary method for your classmates to contact you when sharing Class of '69 activities.  With many of us retiring and/or moving, we would like to suggest that you update your contact information if it isn't current.  

We'd hate to lose contact with you!

 Flower Power, Sex, and Wine 

We're the Class of '69  

Please use the "Contact Us" button to send your comments or suggestions about the site to us. Tigers, Class of 1969, Class of '69, Irving High School, Irving, Texas