Missing Classmates

These Classmates are considered "Missing" because we don't have valid mailing addresses for them.  If you can get in contact with any of these Classmates, please share our web address:


Or, if you know the email address for any Classmate shown below you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to our site.

Thank you for your help in reconnecting with our "Missing Classmates".

Brad Andersen
Johnny Banks
John Berka
Bob Berry
Shelley Berry
Johnny Bowen
Ernie Brandon
Dannie Brown
Charles Burden
Peggy Burns (McCarley)
Linda Carroll (Farrell)
Gary Catron
Mike Coffman
Thomas Coleman Jr
David Collier
Larry Crocker
Pat Crow
Ann Deering
Nikki Dieterich
Gary Downing
Brenda Duff
Thomas Edmondson
Don Evans
Richard Fink
Ed Ford
Eddie Frasure
Brenda Gilbert (Reeves)
Cynthia Giles
Jimmy Girdner
Linda Green
Rod Green
Bill Greene
Doni Greene
Kenneth Groves
Henry Guzman
Brad Hale
Terry Harper
Donna Harris
Linda Hazel
Al Helton
Steve Highfill
Robert Hinton
John Holcomb
James Howard
Eddie Hudson
Walter Huffman
Gloria Hughes
Cheryl Hunt
Donna Inmon
Gerald Jackson
Linda Louise Johnson
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson
Paula Jones (Claiborney)
Sherry Kelso (Tucker)
Larry Kimes
Debbie King
Randy King
Gary Lakes
Judy Layton
Robert Lee
Edward Lenart
Kathy London (McGee)
Harvey Maloney
Kathie Mayben
Mike McBride
Luona McCuistion
Linda McDowell (Eubank)
Patricia Mendham (Thompson)
Billy Mitchell
Joe Montes
James Moore
Wanda Moore
Harvey Morgan
Barbara Newsom
Jimmy Pruitt
Jimmy Pruitt
Kathy Pullen (Jones)
Linda Raymond
George Rivette
Cathy Rogge
Kwangneigh Saepo'o
Shirley Sain
Mike Schmitz
Debbie Shaw
Ronnie Sims
Charles Smith
Pat Smith
Mary Sparks
Darrell Starnes
Tonya Stephens (Littlejohn)
Celia Thomas
Linda Thomas (Arthur)
Gregg Thompson
Bessie Trammell
Bill Tubbs
Nancy Usrey
Audry Wallace
Don Whitlock
Linda Willoughby (McGibboney)
Steve Wilson
Craig Winters
Mike Winters

Guest Members

Marvin Akers
Pam Alexander (Rowan)
Tim Anderson
Bruce Bennett
Mike Bice
Marco Bucklen
Chip Challis
Connie Dillard
Janiey Dollison
Steve Elway
Coach Paul Engle
Vernene Finger
Amelia Flores
Art Gazelle
Sandra Grider (Bond)
Jackie Heitman (Smith)
Mark Huse
Peggy Husky
Jeff Kuntzman
Keith Lowery
Eddy McCarley
Penny Minor
George Morrow
Danny Norman
Betty Potter
Steve Puckett
Charlotte Ratliff
Allen Reed
Daniel Robertson
Bob Shuey
Henry Smiciklas
Marsha Smith
Richard Stinson
Doni Strahan
Shirley Sublett (Bass)
Ann Uhr
Tom Uhr
Rick Vazquez
Valerie Wilson
Kay Wise (MacPherson)